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Dream Posy Gift Set

Dream Posy Gift Set

Includes Daydream Teapot (24oz) 

Light My Fire Warmer

Bouquet of six unique blooming Teaposies.

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Garden Gift Set

Includes Tea for Two 16oz teapot

Two Soul Mates 3oz cup & saucer sets

Bouquet of six unique blooming teaposies

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Snow Dance Gift Set

Includes Daydream 24oz teapot

Six Let it Snow teaposies

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Handmade Glassware

Each piece of Teaposy glassware is created by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Designed to enhance the visual experience of your tea, glass artists work meticulously to ensure maximum clarity and a spacious viewing area. The entire collection is adorned with the elegant Teaposy logo.  Several sizes and styles are available to fit any occasion.


Made from Borosilicate glass, Teaposy glassware can withstand temperatures between -4° and 300° F. With high and low temperature durability, Teaposy Glassware can be used for brewing, as well as storage in the refrigerator.

Earth Friendly

All Teaposy glassware is made from 20% recycled material, offering a beautiful and environmentally conscious tea experience.

Dishwasher safe on top shelf

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