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* THAT’S IT!                                        Magnets with pencil     (The magnets attract positive charge produced as clothing tumbles, drawing static away from the clothing.)

 $2.00 (Set of 2 Magnets ONLY)
Shipping and Sales tax Included in price.



 Small loads:  1-3 balls

Medium loads:  5-6 balls

Large, heavy loads:  9-10 balls


Wooly Tumbler-single ball                               

Explosion 1: FREE SHIPPING  (Price INCLUDES Shipping and Sales Tax)  

 …about the SAVINGS        Cash      

    Reduced drying time was such an advantage to me.  Not really because of the saved energy and/or dollars, but because of something much more precious to me, my T I M E.  ClockAnother major savings is enjoyed as reduced wear and tear on clothing because of shorter drying times.

    Here’s the story behind how I know they save drying time:

     I had been in the habit of tossing a load in the wash and the dryer at the same time. I almost always used the same settings, 6 minute warm wash, and right at the beginning of “Very Dry” on my dryer’s automatic setting.  I knew the dryer would be done about 30 minutes after the wash cycle. So, if I heard the washer stop, I went down about 30 minutes afterward with another load. 

     But, when I used the Wooly Tumblers, the dryer buzzed its “finished” buzz at the SAME TIME the washer finished!  That’s 30 precious minutes!  Eowzer!

       It's really quite logical.  Wicking (drawing away liquid) is a natural property of wool.  So, as the Wooly Tumblers tumble around, they wick the moisture from the clothing, and then employ another natural element of wool's makeup.  Because woolen fibers are full of air, they dry much quicker than most fibers.  So, it's simple science.  They suck out the water, and then dry in an instant. 

     Of course I did the math on the dryer sheet savings, and electric usage savings, but frankly it was disappointing. 


     Chemicals all over your clothes may do nothing, or may kill you in the end.   Who knows?  What I do know is Wooly Tumblers don’t have any hazard warnings.  They are anti-everything.  They're nice.  They don’t leave fuzz or itchiness, or anything else all over your clothing.  And, your towels won’t start repelling moisture!


…about the MASSAGES

     To use Wooly Tumblers as a do-it-yourself back, foot, or shoulder massager simply sit in a comfortable chair or couch, put one to three Wooly Tumblers where you want to massage, and move slightly now and then.  For example, if you have sore lower back muscles, put the Wooly Tumblers behind your back, and rest against the back of your couch.  As you relax, your normal little movements will be enough to accomplish a gentle, yet effective massage.  I think you’ll be surprised!  You’ll also be pleased to find the heat from your body is absorbed by the Wooly Tumblers, enhancing their effect!

Massage     A second way to use the Wooly Tumblers for a great message is to roll them around the area using the palm of your hand.  Again, as you roll, they warm up, and they feel great for the recipient, and are also much less stressful on the hands of the massager! 


    …about the MAGNETS

     I’m rather proud of this little addition, because I did the research myself!  It came about because, although we had been enjoying the benefits of Wooly Tumblers several months, my son had an objection. 

Although he thought they were great overall, he had too much static left in his polyester work-out pants, and began air-drying them as a result.Magnets

I hit the internet with my reporter hat on, searching for an answer.  What was static?  What counteracts static?  Do dryers all have static?  Hasn’t someone invented some gizmo to eliminate static?  And so forth.

Finally, after delving quite a way into some interesting scientific sites, I discovered the whole attraction to magnetic poles thingy, and applied the information to those pesky charges in tumbled clothing.  I tried two small craft magnets. Success!

$2.00 (Set of 2 Magnets ONLY)
Shipping and Sales tax Included in price.


Explosion 1: FREE SHIPPINGin basket

...about the SIZEWooly Magnets-Mike

Each Wooly Tumbler begins with one ounce of unbleached, washed roving.  However, being actually formed by human hands, one may appear smaller than another.  This also accounts for slight irregularities in shapes and such.  You may also experience a little additional shrinking, as they will continue to felt tighter as you use them.  This does not affect their usefulness at all.   

...about the COLOR

We have chosen to use undyed, unbleached wool.  If you'resheep2 interested in colors, you can dye the Wooly Tumblersin a pot of colorfast dye. We considered using other natural coloring, but decided against it on the chance the color might transfer to some fabrics.  (I have a couple nice dyed Wooly Tumblers, and one that is  naturally-brownish colored, and have not had any color transferring I'm aware of.)


...about SMELLS


We have decided to keep Wooly Tumblers as natural as we can, so there are no scents added to them. Personally, I use a naturally scented laundry soap and my clothing retains that scent.  I'm happy with that.  But, if you would like to add a scent, you're perfectly welcome to do so.  Many customers use essential oils to scent their Wooly Tumblers with reportedly good results. 


  We are so excited to be able to offer this honest, wholesome way to take advantage of fiber from sheep who grazed on pastures in Michigan, and whose fleece has also been worked in   cottage industries located  in  the mitten.  (Michigan, USA)



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