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In an effort to serve you more effectively we are adding a BOOK REVIEW section. The reviews are intended to aid in your selection of books for your own needle art book library, or to help you choose which book you may like to check out from your local public library.

Every effort is made to keep information factual and error-free. However, if you should spot an inconsistency, please let us know by e-mail at

Opinions are personal expressions of the review’s author and as such may not reflect how you might personally react to items presented.


Luxury Knitting

The Ultimate Guide To Exquisite Yarns
Cashmere * Merino * Silk
Author: Linda Morse of: String Yarns, NYC

Luxury Knitting is a beautiful, useful book. It’s lovely enough for your coffee table, yet informative enough to supplement a curriculum....



The star rating is our way of quickly communicating how valuable this book is to our needle art library. We look for criteria like: appearance, usefulness, organization, educational benefits, diversity, thoroughness, accuracy and credibility. Below is an explanation of our star rating.

A must have.

Specialized, but for those interested in it’s subject, it is a must have.
Nice. Check it out.
May be useful.

Not recommended.

We’re always interested in considering reviews you may wish to share, or names of books you’d like to see reviewed. Our goal is to present honest evaluations based on our commitment to Cultivate Creative Excellence through Needle Arts.


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