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       After a year of research, we have chosen Cestari, Yarns Ltd to initiate our yarn inventory.   (Cestari is the Italian word for Chester, and is pronounced [chess-tar-ee].

      Cestari yarns come primarily from sheep living at the Cestari family farm in Virginia. (Their "Traditional Collection" of 100% wool combines wool from their sheep with other responsible US grown wools.) Owner, Francis Chester, came to America as a young boy from Italy, where generations of his family raised sheep .  So, caring for the lovely animals is simply in his blood. You are welcome to read more about the company/farm at their website by clickcestarilogotopking on their logo.

A Well-kept Family Farm in central Virginia with fifty years in the fiber art business.  Because of this, we are confident in being able to offer a consistently available, tried and true collection of yarns. 

I'm so pleased with reactions to this yarn.  "I love it!" "It feels so soft."  "I love the way it looks!" and on and on. 

Personally, I fell in love with it after swatching up a dozen or so samples.  The connection to its original location (on an animal, or growing on American ground as is the case with cotton content), came through stitch after stitch. 

The business of Cestari, which equates to the people of the business, are a pleasure to work with.  They are forthcoming, and enthusiastic.  I'm having a a wonderful time getting to know them and their excellent products.  So far, the whole relationship has been rewarding.
I can't wait to share it!



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